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Medicines of Mexico- Sonoran Desert Toad 5 MEO DMT

Due to the popular demand of the last retreat we are starting a waitlist for the next retreat in October/November. Please send an email to to set up a consultation. 

The Bufo Alvarius is one of the rarest of shamanic medicines on the planet, as it comes from the glands of the Sonoran Desert toad. The toad remains in hibernation underground for most of the year. During the rainy season, in July through August the toad comes out to find food and mate. In the glads of this toad contains 5 MEO DMT, which when vaporized creates a profound non-dual or state of no ego. 

We will be offering a group experience that includes 3 one-on-one sessions medicine along with tesmecal, spiritual purification baths, and detoxifying foods for 5 days in the jungles of Mexico. All attendees will receive pre and post integration sessions to help integrate the experience.

Retreat program

The program consists of 5 days and 4 nights. The first day we will start with a group sweat lodge ceremony.  The second and third day will be dedicated to purification using different techniques to prepare the mind and body for the spiritual journey, including spiritual showers. Each participate will have scheduled sessions with the 5 MEO DMT throughout the day for each of the 3 days and given time in between to integrate their experience. Many choose to take advantage of the lush nature and springs, or go for a hike. Evening activities include a group cocoa ceremony. The last day and night will be dedicated to rest and final one-on-one integration interviews, according to each person’s needs. Departure will be after breakfast the following morning.

Dates, costs and location

Retreats will run from midday on arrival day, through to 9am on the final morning. 

All attendees will receive preparation advice, and will be required to fill out a questionaire and make a deposit payment of $1500 in order to secure a place. Fulll payment is due on week upon retreat date.

The cost for the trip is $2,500 (which includes everything (lodging, food, transfers and all aspects of ceremony) except airfare, which is $500- $600 average. 

*Please inquire about availability of discount scholarships for those that are in need and early bird discount. 

The retreat is not suitable for anyone with a serious medical or psychological condition or certain pharmaceutical medications. You will be required to complete a detailed application form in advance and if needed, a personal interview with Tricia.

Contact details and bookings: Tricia Eastman ( 


The retreat will take place in a retreat center in Mexico, TBA with luxury accommodations and local organic detoxifying foods.

The toad

Many people who partake in this sacrament have profound shifts and describe their session as a peak mystical experience. This medicine carries a high dimensional frequency that creates profound healing experiences and can bring the oversoul or higher self into the body.

During ceremony I utilize a combination of Somatic therapy, ancient shamanic wisdom, and sacred music while working with the guidance of the source field to reconnect to your true essence, aligning you with your divine blueprint. Sessions last 90 minutes and I suggest allowing additional integration time afterwards. 

5 MEO DMT from the toad has had reported benefits for PTSD, addiction, emotional traumas, and is profoundly psychically healing. The are a myriad of other compounds, including other tryptamines, in toad have been researched for their healing effects. For instance the Bufotenin has been reported to decrease inflammation in the body as a result of interactions with the cytocines, specifically interluekins within the immune system.

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