Costa Rica Iboga Purification

Meet yourself through the MISSOKO branch of the Gabonese Bwiti tradition.

Retreat includes:

  •  5 days of ritual ceremonies with traditional Iboga
  •  2 overnight ceremonies with the holy wood, “the tree of life"
  •  Spiritual bath cleansing and purification rituals
  •  Blessing, healing, and introduction into the Bwiti Missoko tradition

·      1:1 Preparation/Integration Guidance

·      Lodging in Tropical Eco-Yoga Retreat Center

·      Farm to table gourmet meals with award-winning chef

·      Airport/Retreat Center Transportation

All attendees will receive preparation advice and are required to fill out a questionnaire. Early bird discount price is $3,500 inclusive after August 1st, 2017 price is $3,750. This does not include airfare, which is $500-$600. A deposit of $1500 will secure your place and final payment is due 21 days upon arrival (August 23rd, 2017).

Contact details & bookings:

Tricia Eastman

*The retreat is not suitable for anyone with a serious medical or psychological condition or active/recent addiction. You will be required to complete a detailed application form in advance and if needed, a personal interview via Skype, prior to being accepted on the retreat. The interview is also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the retreat and the taking of the Holy Wood.           


In early 2013 Anthony received the call from the spirit of Iboga to heal the root causes of his depression, anxiety, PTSD from sexual child abuse and addictions. His experience was so powerful and profound that it became clear he would serve the spirit of the plant and help to spread the healing of Iboga. In December 2013, he traveled to Gabon Africa to be initiated into the Bwiti tradition and began training with 10th generation Bwiti shaman. In July of 2015, he returned and went through the rite of passage. He has extensive experience leading ceremonies, serving medicine, guiding guests on a spiritual self-discovery and assisting them through a transformational experience. He is committed to building a strong bridge for people to heal their souls, to find peace in their lives by using this powerful plant and to help them integrate the teachings of Iboga into everyday life. Awaken Your Soul


Elizabeth Bast serves as a yoga & dance teacher, mentor, healing artist, and musician. She studied at New College of San Francisco with an emphasis on Art and Social Change. Bast is the author HEART MEDICINE: A True Love Story, an intimate memoir about a healing experience with the sacred iboga medicine. She has experienced the Missoko Bwiti initiation and Rite of Passage in Gabon, Africa, and is currently in an iboga facilitator's training with the Bwiti tradition. She studies the medical safety aspects of iboga treatments with Jamie McAlpin, R.N., of IbogaSafe.


Joaquin Lamar Hailey aka Chor Boogie is an internationally renowned visionary fine artist and muralist. He uses his voice and work as an artist to raise awareness about sacred plant medicines and drug policy reform. His iboga inspired paintings have graced the cover of the popular journal for the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. After a profound personal healing with the iboga medicine, he went on to experience the Missoko Bwiti initiation and Rite of Passage in Gabon, Africa, and is currently in an iboga facilitator's training with the Bwiti tradition.


Tricia is a pioneer in the psychedelic renaissance with a mission to inspire others to become their own inner alchemists. Eastman as studied Iboga in the Missoko tradition and been initiated into Mboumba Eyano tradition, as well as facilitated the psychospiritual iboga program for Crossroads Treatment Center in Mexico. She has facilitated nearly 400 5MEO DMT Toad ceremonies internationally, and organizes international medicine retreats. This is the 5th retreat with the holywood that she has curated in Costa Rica.


Amber has supported Anthony’s work as a chef and assisting when began working with Iboga in Costa Rica. Amber crafted a holistic approach to eating with her business, The Naked Bite, and to life in general, through the belief that balance is paramount. While deeply rooted in her veggies, she adopts a more ‘qualitarian’ take on eating, and prepares all styles of food with healing in mind. Amber continues to explore herself through Iboga, and is grateful for the truth, wisdom and clarity that it brings.  In December of this year she will be traveling to Gabon for her initiation into the Missoko Bwiti. She currently shares her time between Costa Rica and Austin, Texas, and facilitates many aspects of the retreat environment. She feels blessed to have an opportunity to support others through their own healing process.